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Plastic Decks
If you want water-resistant decks for your favorite Asmadi Games products, we're taking pre-orders now! No other components included, just 100% plastic cards. We will ship (and charge) when we have enough orders to proceed.
  • Mottainai Plastic Deck: $25
  • Red7 Plastic Deck: $25
  • Innovation Plastic Deck: $50

We also still have a terrible button. It is shiny and red and you shouldn't press it, but if you do, terrible things will happen.

Which means you should do it! :D

What’s Happening

February 2016
  • The website returns! The store page has been updated! Innovation: Third Edition is available, and the page looks much prettier.
  • Sixis for iPad!

    Our dice game Sixis is now available on the iOS app store, find out more here!